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227Vaccination with IL-6 analogues induces autoantibodies to IL-6 and influences experimentally induced inflammation.
Galle P; Jensen L; Andersson C; Cuzzocrea S; Di Paola R; Nicoletti F; Svenson M; Bendtzen K; Thomsen AR; Hansen MB
Int Immunopharmacol 2007; 7(13): 1704-13
PubMed ID: 17996680

IL-6 is involved in inflammation and a therapeutic target. 0.1% of Danish blood donors have nanomolar plasma concentrations of polyclonal, picomolar affinity and in vitro as well as in vivo neutralizing IgG autoantibodies to IL-6 (aAb-IL-6). Such donors are assumed to be severely IL-6 deficient; yet they appear healthy and do not exhibit overt clinical or laboratory abnormalities. We induced comparable levels of aAb-IL-6 in different mouse strains by vaccination with immunogenic IL-6 analogues. We observed that the induced aAb-IL-6 protected against collagen-induced arthritis and experimental allergic encephalitis. Furthermore, aAb-IL-6 carrying mice displayed increased plasma TNFalpha concentrations upon challenge with LPS. Taken together, induction of IL-6 autoantibodies was possible in different mouse strains. The autoantibodies influenced experimental inflammation. This immunotherapeutic principle might be a viable alternative in immune competent humans suffering from disorders driven by IL-6. Galle, Pia

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