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Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism (CIM)

Anders Rasmussen Rinnov, Post doctoral fellow, MD, PhD

Contact info Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism
Blegdamsvej 9, section 7641
2100 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 35458609
Fax: +45 35457644
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Curriculum Research area

Muscle physiology in sarcopenia during liver cirrhosis. Anabolic and catabolic mechnisms in skeletal muscle, including effect of exercise.
Interleukin-15. YKL-40.


2011(-16): MD specialist training, Endocrinology.
2009: PhD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2003: MD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Professional experience

2011(-16): MD specialist training, Endocrinology
2010: Resident, Dep. of Medicine, Gentofte hospital
2009: Resident, Dep. of Hematology, Rigshospitalet
2006-09: PhD-student, Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism, Rigshospitalet
2005: Resident, Dep. of Hematology/Cardiology, Rigshospitalet
2004: Internship, General Practitioner, Sdr. Omme
2003: Internship, Dep. of Surgery, Grindsted Sygehus
2003: Internship, Dep. of Medicine, Grindsted Sygehus
Conflicts of Interest None
Anders Rasmussen Rinnov
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