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Centre of Inflammation and Metabolism (CIM)

Dr. Peter Plomgaard, Post doctoral fellow, MD PhD

Contact info Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Blegdamsvej 9
2100 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 35453545
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Curriculum Research interests
TNF-alpha and insulin resistance. TNF-alpha biological effects on adipose and muscle tissue.

1992: Graduated from High School (Primary subjects: chemistry, mathematics and biology).
1996: Bachelor of biochemistry (Primary subjects: molecular biology, genetics, immunology and organic chemistry), The Faculty Natural Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
June 2002: Master of Medicine, The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Professional experience
2002: Resident at Department of Abdominal Surgery, Rigshospitalet
2002: Research assistant
2003: PhD-project 'TNF-alpha´s effects on muscle and adipose tissue in relation to low-grade inflammation'
2006: Internship in Roskilde County
2007: Resident at the department of Cinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet
2008: Resident at the department of Nephrology, Rigshospitalet
2009: Resident at the department of Orthopedic Surgery, Bispebjerg Hospital
2010: Resident at the department of Orthopedic Surgery, Køge Sygehus
2011: Resident at the department of Internal medicine, Roskilde Sygehus

Evaluation tasks
Reviewer for the following international journals: American Journal of Applied Physiology, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Metabolism, PlosOne, Cell Biochemistry and Function, Journal of Experimental Physiology, Journal of Medical Case Reports and Exercise Immunology Reveiws.

Honours and awards
International Society for exercise and immunology (ISEI)
Young Investigator Award, third prize.
Peter Plomgaard
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